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Islamshahr street lighting

Islamshahr street lighting:

Street lighting In the world of electricity, lighting can be considered as one of the most important parts of use. It is possible to use electricity for lighting in different ways. Different equipment and parts can be used to create lighting in different places. The importance of electrical energy can be expressed in different ways and it can be used well in the case of lighting. Street lighting and street lighting can be considered as one of the most important actions in any city. Considering this high importance, general reviews can be done in different sections. Because these products are widely used, they must be optimized in various ways.

The higher the optimization in these products, the lower their electricity consumption will be. One of the reasons for the widespread use of street lighting is to create a sense of security in people. You should keep in mind that the presence of lighting in different streets will automatically increase security. Usually, people avoid walking in dark streets and do not enter them. On the contrary, you can always see remarkable people on the streets where there is enough light. In the streets where there is enough light and lighting, the number of accidents has been much less.

You should keep in mind that the reduction of accidents in such cases is great and significant. Proper visibility for drivers and pedestrians can be created on a street by using lights properly. For the lighting of the streets, it is necessary to act in a specialized manner and to consider things and points from different aspects. These topics will make it easy to create the best lighting and beauty.

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روشنایی خیابان

Selection of street lighting equipment

In order to create the best lighting in the streets, you must use various and good equipment, such as street lamp bases. Choosing this equipment depends on many points that you should pay attention to. The higher the quality of this equipment, the more attractive the result will be. If you want to take measures for a street that does not have any lighting, you must also do some calculations. One of the most important calculations made in this section is related to the dimensions of the street. In some cases, you have to repair a street whose lighting has a problem, which requires you to use some other equipment.

You should be careful that all equipment depreciates over time. Due to this depreciation, you should periodically replace or repair some of the existing parts. When choosing the types of available samples, you should pay attention to different qualities so that they have the best lifespan for you. One of the most important points when choosing this equipment is different points of view. Economic, engineering, architecture, etc. views can be considered as the most important. According to the type of street, you should use the right designs to get the best results.

Many economic points should be considered when choosing this equipment. It may be said that one of the most important reasons for choosing a type of lamp base in a street is its economic reasons. For engineering perspectives, various parameters can be described and used well. In addition to the lighting equipment, some control devices can also be placed to have the best efficiency.

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تجهیزات متنوع

Different parameters in street lighting

Various parameters can be described for street lighting and used in the right place. The use of these parameters is different in each type of street and many environmental factors can be expressed that can have the best results for you. The most important lighting parameters can be named and described below. You should note that the lighting of the street should be left to experienced and well-established companies. In this context, the quality of rent is very important and these issues can be investigated in different ways. Tisan is one of the very strong collections in this field, which will examine all the mentioned parameters for you.

High efficiency of lights: The efficiency of lights is very important. The lower the light efficiency of the lights, the less losses you can have and use them well. In the old examples, the heat production in the lights was very high, so that most of the received energy was converted into heat. It is better to make these comparisons for new and clean lights.
Light distribution: One of the most important characteristics of lights is light distribution. You should keep in mind that the light should be broad and uniform. The non-uniformity of the light on the street surface makes it impossible to use the produced light well. It is not possible to achieve 100% uniformity of light distribution, but in this field, quality products can be used with proper installation.
Power factor: In the world of electricity, power factor is very important and should be paid attention to. The higher the power factor, the higher the efficiency. The low power factor makes the reactive power taken from the network go up and out of optimality.


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General summary

In a general summary, it can be said that street lighting is important in many ways. It is possible to create these lights in various ways and use them well. The higher the quality of these lights, the easier and faster some actions can be performed. Quality in execution is very important and should be done by expert groups. Tisan has been active as one of the quality collections in this field and can create the most variety for you.

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